With great power comes great responsibility for GenZ, seeing as they are charged with saving the planet and humanity as we know it (whether they were consulted about it or not). SUPERHERO III: YOUNG SUPERHERO is an original comedy created by the ensemble and is filled with scripted and unscripted text, abstract vignettes, synchronized movement sequences, first-date awkwardness, and so many superpowers.  And of course, a Supervillain will be thwarted along the way.

SUPERHERO III: YOUNG SUPERHERO is brought to you by the winners of the official 2022 Denver Fringe Festival #FringeAF award for "embodying the true essence of the fringe." SUPERHERO III: YOUNG SUPERHERO, poetically attempts to answer the questions: What does a hero look like anyway? Can humanity enact a multi-versal escape to something better?

Adults Only
55 minutes
Comedy, Devised, Physical Theatre, Improvisation, World Premiere
Mercury Cafe Ballroom
2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

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Jamie Bulzomi (she/her) Creator/Performer: Jamie lives in Eaton, CO, but was born in Germany and raised all over the states. Jamie has just completed her undergraduate degree at Adams State University ('23) with a double major in outdoor education and theatre. Jamie loves theatre and music. She is a songwriter with two originals on all streaming platforms. When she’s not making art, she is in the outdoors traveling and doing water sports. Check out her newest music at:

Carson Leaf (he/him) Creator/Performer: Carson is originally from Wisconsin but has spent most of his life in Colorado. He is a senior getting his BA in Theatre at Adams State University ('24) where he has performed in and worked on many shows. Carson is an aspiring performing artist with plans to pursue acting wherever he ends up post graduation.

Bethany R McDowell (she/her) Creator/Performer: Beth is a East/South side kid from Pueblo, CO. She is a Theatre major with a technical emphasis studying at Adams State University ('25). Beth mainly has participated as a crew member in multiple Adams State productions.   

Emi Norfolk (they/she) Creator/Performer: Emi is from Grand Junction, CO, and is studying Theatre at Adams State University (‘25). They have most recently performed in Adams State’s production of We Lovers, but they spend most of their time working on the back end of the theater as a lighting designer and stage manager. You can find them on Instagram @eminorfolk

Nathaniel Pixley (he/him) Creator/Performer: Nate is originally from Littleton, CO, and is currently a senior at Adams State University studying for a BA in theatre ('24). He has been intrigued with theatre since he was in kindergarten and has been involved since the third grade. After this he plans on making more collaborative pieces with his fellow classmates. Post graduation he aspires to be an artist and one day run his own theatre company.

george mcconnell (he/him), Creator/Director/Designer: george is currently an Assistant Professor and the head of the Creative Collaboration Track for Adams State University's Theatre Department. He has shown his original devised work in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Tallahassee, Tucson, Alamosa, and now Denver (twice!). He's a leo. You can check out his website here: https://www.georgedavidmcconne...

I really enjoyed everything about it, it was made by really talented people
Remember that door you held open for that old person? Remember when you shared the little bit of cheetos you had with your roommate? Remember that song you and your best friend screamed at the top of your lungs and it felt so euphoric and like a fever dream? Remember how all that made you feel? maybe sad, happy, mixed , or like a superhero in a way? This show will do all that for you and you won’t want to miss it because you’ll regret it.
Very well done. Thoughtful and poignant. Original piece with a great view on what makes a superhero and what makes a villain.
It was life changing. Would sell my soul to young superhero.
It was SUPER. 10/10 would recommend to everyone I know if they weren’t already dying to see it.
This is thee piece of performance to see if you want your finger on the pulse of Gen Z culture. Not only that, but their worries, fears, and what it means to be a hero. I was surprised at the thin difference between villainy and heroism. These performers clearly see that power creates a fine line between that dichotomy. Not only did I laugh but I also cried. I felt comforted and concerned. So many amazing images in this piece. This show truly encompass the popular quote “with great power comes great responsibility.”
I can't sleep and my shoulder hurts. Superhero III has nothing to do with that. But what Superhero III: Young Superhero has done is been on the front of my mind for the better part of two months. It's something I've never seen which means it's something you've never seen. Do yourself the favor of watching this because the world deserves to see it.
Original, surprising, revealing, funny, and emotional - so much to celebrate in under an hour.
It was such a wonderful experience to watch! It made me think about my own perspective on superheroes as well as the act of remembering. Highly recommend!
The superhero theme is something most people can relate to, whether that be a first and continued interest in life, or simply for the aesthetic value. This show binds all of what we want out of superheroes together. This show is engaging and brings various elements together common themes of superheroes. The use of current events, music, movement, and action makes this show engaging!
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Mercury Cafe 2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

Entrance: The main entrance for both the Ballroom and the Jungle Room venues is on the southeast side of the building off of California St. 

Parking: There is a large paid parking lot just across California St. and street parking

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Admission: You must show your ticket confirmation or purchase a ticket at the venue; all seating is general admission, audiences will wait in a queue before entry to the show