Live and in Your Face

This crazy group of actors, writers, designers & creatives started Travesty during the pandemic to keep those creative juices flowing, blow off some steam…and we haven't stopped yet! Come laugh, scoff, and even cheer with your friends as we blend original sketches and songs, parodies and farces, and unapologetically bring these characters to life!

Adults Only
55 minutes
Comedy, Theatre, Storytelling
Old Stem Ciders
2811 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

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Kathryn Gourley

Mike Moran

P-Jay Adams

Holly Dalton

Jack Mariotti

Shelby Taylor

Anna Wagner

Brad Wagner

w/Jessica Jewell – Sound Master Guru


Kathryn Gourley (she/her)– After the last several decades spent aging around the world, and surrounded by the best people, Kathryn saw an opportunity during the global pandemic to continue her quest to be unpredictable. She has since realized that chaos is an absolute necessity…and frequently makes an excellent pairing with a hearty Irish breakfast.

Mike Moran (he/him) - Mike Moran was born in the basement of an abandoned Showbiz Pizza at the tender young age of 7. His mother made him his first pair of shoes out of another pair of shoes she had found on a dead guy she and her friends found one fateful Summer. In 2004 he started practicing medicine at Rose Medical Center using the healing power of Karate to punch the syphilis out of his patients. Be sure to follow him on Venmo!

Preston "P-Jay" Adams (they/she) - She is beauty. She is grace. She is trantastic, living the trantasy all day every day. Apex predator who may try to steal your husband. Real housewife of Aurora in training. Obviously better than everyone in every way, but also so very humble. Constantly telling the truth, no matter how rude, and forced to deal with everyone thinking you're telling a joke when in reality you hate them all. Woman of God, but only when she's #twerkingforjesus. Co-owner of "Preston's Butthole" the true "breakout star" of the podcast. Who's the other owner? F*ck around and find out. 

Holly Dalton (she/her) - Holly moved back to New England in 2021 to pursue her lifelong dream of being the ghost of a Victorian child in Stephen King’s attic. Her absence is a gaping void almost large enough in size to exceed Preston’s butthole. Almost. 

Jack Mariotti (he/him)  - Jack is a piece of bread soaked in tap water. Mike was cleaning out his sink and saw a piece of wet bread in the corner and said "... This will do." Jack has since revived into a piece of dried bread. He hopes to one day be toasted and smothered in some sort of jam or marmalade. Jack has previously been part of a sandwich but was discarded due to a halfhearted low carb diet.

Shelby Taylor (she/her) – ??????????????????????? It’ll take an hour ????????????????????????????

Anna Wagner (she/her) - Anna has, at any point in her life, been a Molly Shannon character.

Brad Wagner (he/him)  - Brad grew up in an underwater volcano and was raised by jellyfish. His jellyfish parents were eaten by sharks and the sharks adopted him out of pity. They realized that he was no longer fit for the ocean when he started listening to heavy metal and playing electric guitars made from remains of sunken ships. The sharks were then killed by humans. One of the humans was Mike Moran. Moran then said, “Listen little sharky boy! You are going to abandon your heavy metal dreams and join my podcast or I’ll kill you like I killed your parents!” Brad joined the podcast and has been happy ever since.

Jessica Jewell (they/them) - Sound extraordinaire...keeper of the wave over this shit. Just listen to the damn thing.

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Old Stem Ciders Taproom

2811 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

Entrance: The main entrance is at the end of the parking lot near the alley.

Parking: Street parking and nearby lots (

Accessibility: The taproom is wheelchair accessible and bathrooms are ADA accessible

Admission: You must show your ticket confirmation or purchase a ticket at the venue; all seating is general admission, audiences will wait in a queue before entry to the show