Just a Giant Cinderella

In her first solo show, Martina Schabron, a.k.a. Just a Giant Cinderella, walks the fine line between dark humor and devastating tragedy to give you a glimpse of what it can mean to grow up secretly struggling with mental health issues. She takes you on a journey through her life, from growing up between two worlds and never feeling like she fit in, to battling her wicked and ever-present step-sisters, to finally breaking the mold, taking a chance on herself, and being her own damn fairy godmother. This unexpected show will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. Contains mature language and centers on mental health topics, including suicide. Suitable for ages 18+.

Adults Only
50-60 minutes
Solo Performance, Comedy, Storytelling, Theatre
River North Media
3410 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205

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Martina Schabron, a dual citizen of the USA and Switzerland, was born in California, but grew up mostly in Zurich, Switzerland. She's currently based in Toronto, Canada, fully bilingual in English (US) and Swiss German, speaks accent-free High German and has a working knowledge of Italian and French.
After obtaining an Hon BSc in Criminology and Psychology at the University of Toronto, Martina moved back to Zurich and worked in law enforcement for many years. Eventhough she discovered her passion for acting at an early age and has many years of training and onstage experience, she only started pursuing this career professionally when she moved back to Toronto at the end of 2020.
Since then she has been steadily building her resume on camera and on stage, as well as consistently working on her craft with coaches in LA, NY, Zurich and Paris. She just recently wrapped her first indie feature film as a lead actor (Invited, post-production) and is currently a cast member of "Stranger Things: The Experience" in Toronto, a production by Netflix, Fever and Mycotoo. 
In her free time, Martina loves to stare at the clouds, bake up a storm, watch all the people (not in a creepy way), take long walks anywhere and everywhere, and read about whatever her newest fascination may be. 

She's incredibly excited to embark on this new adventure as a solo performer and can't wait to bring her first show to the Fringe festivals in Denver and Vancouver! Be sure to follow her on Instagram for more information on current and upcoming projects and performances (@martinaschabron). 

This show was beautifully written and expertly performed. Martina covers a sensitive topic in an honest, realistic, and inspiring way. I cried and I laughed, sometimes at the same time!
Martina’s show is absolutely incredible! She does an outstanding job not only in her writing but in her performance as well. It is a piece that will leave you reflecting on your own mental and and self-view.
She is so vulnerable in sharing her story that it is an honor as an audience member to get to witness someone’s deepest emotions. Brave, candid, hilarious are just some of the things that come to mind when thinking of Martina in her solo show.
“Just a Giant Cinderella” is an important piece of storytelling that deserves to be seen by audiences in all corners of the earth.
Truly Inspiring. Martina in her One Woman Show “Just a Giant Cinderella” is honest and totally brave. How she has taken her story, her pain and turned it into such a touching story which has impacted others is invaluable. Thank you sharing this with the world. Beautiful.

Mental Health Matters, You Matter and are Making a difference Martina ❤️ It was a complete honour to see you on stage.
Martina is AMAZING. I enjoyed every part of this show. Every scene left me on the edge of my seat. It was heartwarming , and relatable, and left me touched ! I’m excited for a sequel! Martina is also an extremely kind , talented, inclusive , and friendly human and it shows in her love for acting.
It was amazing to watch Martina share her many different facets on stage. Her ability to open up and reveal her soul was awe inspiring. I was also blown away with how quick she was able to jump between the multitude of emotions she mapped out for us to witness. A truly talented woman!
Martina's show is a one hour journey through the life of one of the bravest individuals I've met. From 12 year old Martina struggling with mental health issues, to grown up Martina who left the comforts of home behind to follow her dream of becoming an actor, Just a Giant Cinderella is funny, sincere, and an all round delight.
Had a blast experiencing Martina's show "Just a Giant Cinderella" at the One Night Only Festival in Toronto!! Martina is hilarious, honest, and absolutely fearless sharing her life story with the world. Do not miss it!
This show was more than Just a Giant Cinderella. Martina's first solo show was just marvelous, humourous and relatable.
Talking about hush-hush topics with a pinch of humour, Martnia made sure the audience laughed, cried, gasped and sometimes all of it together.

It was so relatable and yet refreshing. If you're looking for great performance, compelling story and goosebumps you must watch this show!
Martina shines in her first solo show. She’s incredibly witty and touches on even the the most vulnerable feelings with a contagious humour. You would not regret spending time in Martina’s presence!
Martina makes you feel like a friend in her living room. She's so open and her vulnerability is a breath of fresh air. I thoroughly enjoyed her performance, and all the characters she brought to life. Her story was incredibly touching, relatable and hilarious. I highly recommend this show to anyone who's felt like they weren't/aren't in the right place, you belong in the audience!!
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River North Media

3410 Blake Street, Denver, CO 80205

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