Just a Giant Cinderella

In her first solo show, Martina Schabron, a.k.a. Just a Giant Cinderella, walks the fine line between dark humor and devastating tragedy to give you a glimpse of what it can mean to grow up secretly struggling with mental health issues. She takes you on a journey through her life, from growing up between two worlds and never feeling like she fit in, to battling her wicked and ever-present step-sisters, to finally breaking the mold, taking a chance on herself, and being her own damn fairy godmother. This unexpected show will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. Contains mature language and centers on mental health topics, including suicide. Suitable for ages 18+.

Adults Only
50-60 minutes
Solo Performance, Comedy, Storytelling, Theatre
River North Media
3410 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205

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Martina Schabron, a dual citizen of the USA and Switzerland, was born in California, but grew up mostly in Zurich, Switzerland. She's currently based in Toronto, Canada, fully bilingual in English (US) and Swiss German, speaks accent-free High German and has a working knowledge of Italian and French.
After obtaining an Hon BSc in Criminology and Psychology at the University of Toronto, Martina moved back to Zurich and worked in law enforcement for many years. Eventhough she discovered her passion for acting at an early age and has many years of training and onstage experience, she only started pursuing this career professionally when she moved back to Toronto at the end of 2020.
Since then she has been steadily building her resume on camera and on stage, as well as consistently working on her craft with coaches in LA, NY, Zurich and Paris. She just recently wrapped her first indie feature film as a lead actor (Invited, post-production) and is currently a cast member of "Stranger Things: The Experience" in Toronto, a production by Netflix, Fever and Mycotoo. 
In her free time, Martina loves to stare at the clouds, bake up a storm, watch all the people (not in a creepy way), take long walks anywhere and everywhere, and read about whatever her newest fascination may be. 

She's incredibly excited to embark on this new adventure as a solo performer and can't wait to bring her first show to the Fringe festivals in Denver and Vancouver! Be sure to follow her on Instagram for more information on current and upcoming projects and performances (@martinaschabron). 

Love, love, LOVE!!! You will not regret seeing Martinas show! I did not know what to expect and was so pleasantly surprised at her performance. Martina takes you through an incredibly relatable journey through her life with a perfect balance of humor and heart break. Her show's message is beautiful and if you've ever felt like you didn't belong, or have ever felt lost this show is FOR YOU!!!
Martina Schabron takes the important and delicate topic of suicide and mental health and puts it on stage where it belongs for all to see and understand. Courageously, vulnerably and hilariously Martina takes us on a warrior princess’s journey from her 12 year old, suicidal self to her still suffering, but much better adult self. It’s important to see her life story turned into this authentic piece of theater. The writing a strong, Martina is a joy to watch and the show is so entertaining you won’t believe it was an hour. It left you wanting more and rooting for this giant hearted Cinderella- and really loving her cat! Everyone should see the show. Go!
I hit send before I finished my review! So here’s the rest:

Honest, relatable, moving, uplifting and raw but funny! I was there for the debut performance in Toronto that received a standing ovation, and the audience chanting Martina’s name!
If you’ve ever felt like there’s no place for you, like you just don’t fit in, he will love this show. I had goosebumps throughout in the audience, was on the edge of their seats going to the whole experience with Martina.

Beautiful, touching, a must see!

Witty, charming, wryly observant, unabashedly authentic… Martina shows us her pain and finds the funny in depression
Owning the stage, Martina bravely bares her soul and pain while deftly weaving in humour as she shares with her audience an open and uplifting story about her journey of living with self-doubt and struggles with mental health. Her story is a gift that she has thankfully shared, giving us an honest glimpse into living with mental health issues and leaving us all feeling inspired and knowing that there is always hope!
This show was magnificent. Truly remarkable and incredibly relatable to the everyday struggles that women face everyday. It had a very clear storyline with a clear beginning, middle and end. Beautiful and captivating the entire time. OH, and it’s HILARIOUS.
Martina's solo show is absolutely incredible! I have never saw a personal show quite like it. She invites the audience into her personal journey, sharing stories of insecurity, mental struggles and how she finally found love and her own happiness - which I believe a lot people can relate to. Martina's blend of dark humor uplifted the entire show, leaving us with goosebumps, laughter, and contemplation about our own life and the lives of loved ones around us.
Last night I had the incredible pleasure of seeing Martina Schabron debut her solo show “Just A Giant Cinderella” at the One Night Only Festival, presented by Space Space Revolution and hosted at The Attic Studio and Theatre.

Martina’s autobiographical story begins when she is just 12 years old and struggling severely with her confidence and mental health. Even though the subject matter is dark, Martina keeps it light with her quick wit and humour, sharing hilarious anecdotes about her childhood, her many jobs (17 I think!?), her personality-filled cat, how she met her husband and how she bravely discovered her true calling. What follows is raw, authentic and oh so relatable. Martina is a natural born storyteller and I highly recommend that you don’t miss this gem of a show.
Alternately funny and heart rending, Martina Schabron displays a rare finesse and a light touch in dealing with often taboo subjects such as depression and suicidal ideation. Her warmth and wry honesty, which never descends into self-pity, make for a riveting, and ultimately uplifting piece of storytelling. Highly recommend.
Vulnerable. Sincere. Awe-inspiring. Raw. Remarkable. Risky. Resilient.
Profound. Heart-stomping. Human. Nuanced. Complex.
Have I used enough adjectives to proclaim how awesome Martina Schabron's solo show is to experience? This show gives every viewer the permission to let go of their insecurities, and to be willing to lay it all out on the table for the world to see. Living life on this earth as a human being is one word: COMPLEX. Martina fully exposes herself on the stage through storytelling and allows her humanity to be fully seen. Her stories are relatable, and the nuances of her show gives the audience the permission to let their guard down to fully feel their own humanity. Martina's show is a gift because she does the very thing that many of us can't do - she takes a risk to let her vulnerability shine. You will leave this show feeling like you can also take the risk of being raw and vulnerable, and in return, feeling free from the constructs and pressures of society. You don't want to miss this show!
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