Infected: An Immersive Horror Audio Drama

Spread by insects, the virus is deadly for most people, but a rare few are changed, turned into mindless dangerous monsters that roam the countryside. Put on headphones and be transported into a world where disease is spreading and zombies are real. The only cure is handed out sparingly and you’ve had enough---it’s time to escape. 

Infected is an immersive horror audio drama adventure where the audience experiences a 360 soundscape while following live actors through the streets. This show is outdoors and involves walking over rough terrain and through darkness. Audiences for Infected will meet outside of Savoy Denver.

Rated PG-13 for horror themes, violence, and excessive use of foul language.

Adults Only
40 minutes
Immersive, Outdoor
Savoy Flex
2700 Arapahoe St, Ste 103, Denver, CO 80205

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Written by Megan Markham

Directed by Mallory Vance


Michael Corinella as Nate

Megan Markham as Kath

Elizabeth Weisstein as Monster/Nate & Kath US


Michael Corinella is a passionate actor who has been actively involved in local Orlando theater productions for the past eight years. Michael has been a member of Phoenix Tears Productions since 2017, where he has performed in a variety of shows for both adult and children audiences. He has also had the opportunity to showcase his skills in stage combat while performing with LANCE Orlando at the Orlando Renaissance festival and Hoggetowne in Gainesville FL. Michael has also performed in several interactive theatre productions and theme park entertainment roles. Michael is excited to be joining the cast of Infected and performing for the first time at the Denver Fringe Festival.

Megan Markham (she/they) is elated to be able to bring immersive audio dramas to Denver!  They have been writing immersive and traditional theater for a decade and loves performing with Phoenix Tears in the shows she creates for the company. She is an actor, poet, and ukulele teacher full time in Orlando. Traveling the world with her friends and performing is a dream come true! She would like to give special thanks to her muse and the audio designer of Infected, her wife Amanda Markham.

Elizabeth Weisstein is very excited to be a part of the cast of Infected! for the Denver Fringe Festival 2023. Previously, Elizabeth has performed with Phoenix Tears Productions in The War (Orlando Fringe 2023), The Witches (Orlando Fringe 2022) and Bleeding Hearts Club at Orlando ArtSpace. She has also assisted/performed with the Stardust Kingdom series at Orlando Kids Fringe for the past 5 years! Elizabeth is very passionate about interactive and immersive theatre having performed as part of the Orlando Renaissance Festival as Rose, Duchess of Orlando, as well as in the Wizard of Oz Train Ride as Mrs. Apple, the Munchkin Teacher. Elizabeth has been a part of the ever-growing theatre scene in Orlando from a very young age, and she has enjoyed countless productions at the Orlando Fringe over the years. She is thrilled to expand her horizons by joining the Denver Fringe Festival this year!

Mallory Vance is thrilled to be part of Infected at Denver Fringe. Since founding Phoenix Tears Productions in 2014 Mallory has dedicated herself to pushing theatrical boundaries and developing new ways to engage with audiences. She has written and cowritten several immersive productions include Stardust After Dark (Orlando Fringe 2017), Patron's Pick for Murder (Orlando Fringe 2018), The War (Orlando Fringe 2019 & 2023), Recovery (Zoom 2020), Posthumous (Zoom 2020, 2021, & 2022), and Bleeding Hearts Club (Fringe ArtSpace 2023). Mallory is incredibly proud of this production and cast and can't wait to share the show with Denver Fringe!

This show was unique and so creative — well written, fantastic commitment from the actors, and truly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced!
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Savoy Flex

2700 Arapahoe St, Suite 103, Denver, CO 80205

Entrance: The main entrance is on Arapahoe Street at the door marked Suite 103

Parking: Street parking is available on neighboring streets

Accessibility: Ramps, elevator and ADA bathrooms  

Admission: You must show your ticket confirmation or purchase a ticket at the venue; audiences will queue outside of the Savoy Flex venue