In Loving Memory

From the creators of YESTERDAY/TODAY (Denver Fringe '22)

Today, we celebrate the life of Mr. Squirrel. Andi is glad you're here. They might shake your hand or ask for a hug... try not to judge too quickly. That's just how they are.

In this immersive play, Andi, a queer teenager estranged from their family, processes their trauma... through the eulogy of some roadkill. Through dance, poetry and audience interaction, you may leave knowing more about Andi than you know about your closest friends.

CW: Ages 13+ (some strong language, themes of suicide, gender dysphoria & parental trauma)


Two Cent Lion Theatre Co. is a burgeoning LGBTQ+ theatre troupe based in Denver, CO. Their recent production of Clink, Clink was featured on several local news outlets, including Westword, Boulder Weekly and 9NewsYesterday/Today, which premiered at the 2022 Denver Fringe Festival, was named "Best of Fringe" by Bucharest Inside the Beltway and was featured on CPR's Denverite

General/All Ages
30 minutes
Immersive, Theatre, Comedy, Solo Performance, LGBTQ+
Savoy Flex
2700 Arapahoe St, Ste 103, Denver, CO 80205

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Izzy Chern as Andi

Written by Kevin Douglas

Directed by Gracie Jacobson

Full bios on the Two Cent Lion Website

Wow. I can honestly say I have never been more impacted by a piece of theatre. This story rings true and heartfelt, making us feel all the hard stuff with andi while at the same time filling the room with laughter. The lead actor is simply incomparable. Their performance is unlike any other and the talent they hold is a true gift. This show is an absolute must see if you want to experience a unique and moving story, and watch an actor put their everything into a role.
The best writers make us laugh then cry...then laugh. That is what you will experience at this production. In this one-person show, we are part of the experience, emotionally and personally. The acting was spot on!!
A definite must see at this year’s Fringe. Andi made me heart sore and laugh out loud-occasionally at the same time. Would so love to see it again!
I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more. 10 out of 10. RIP Mr. Squirrel.
Izzy Chern (as Andi) delivers a disarming performance, weaving humor, sensitivity, and nimble improvisation into Kevin Douglas's outrageously creative story. Under the direction of Gracie Johnson, this immersive production will take you on a "celebration of life," unlike anything you've ever experienced. This 30 minutes of theatre will reaffirm your appreciation of Two-cent Lion's brilliance.
This show was both hilarious and heartbreaking. I definitely recommend! A great immersive experience.
Incredibly funny, and incredibly gut wrenching. I can’t say too much without giving it away. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of emotions and a fantastic performance from the lead actor.
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Savoy Flex

2700 Arapahoe St, Suite 103, Denver, CO 80205

Entrance: The main entrance is on Arapahoe Street at the door marked Suite 103

Parking: Street parking is available on neighboring streets

Accessibility: Ramps, elevator and ADA bathrooms  

Admission: You must show your ticket confirmation or purchase a ticket at the venue; all seating is general admission, audiences will wait in a queue before entry to the show