Farting in Church

Hellfire-fearing Tony is voluntold to show Randy, the new bus kid, around Kids Claiming Christ Children’s Church. Yet, Randy’s arsenal of pranks risks the wrath of the Clown Patrol. Can Tony stay righteous and “Fleeeee” from evil or embrace his doubts and embrace outsiders, and himself?

45 minutes
Comedy, Storytelling, Solo Performance, World Premiere
Mercury Cafe Jungle Room
2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

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Anthony Elmore (TonySolo) fell into storytelling in first grade when he forgot to bring something for Show n’ Tell, so he improvised a story. His dry, often whimsical style has made audiences laugh at Rabbit Box Stories, The Moth, Atlanta Fringe Audio, Write Club, and anywhere there’s an open mic around Atlanta. You might recognize the blurry back of his head in Marvel TV shows. Anthony’s shelf space is full of Star Wars Lego spaceships. He’s late age diagnosed with ADHD and tends to overshare, so decided to take it to the stage.

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