ALL(most) AMERICAN MOM, explores the essence of inner-self. Tiana tells her story in a hybrid format that exists somewhere between stand-up and imaginative storytelling. Her comedic stories are vivid and takes the audience for a wild ride through her unusual childhood adventures, her experiences as an Asian American woman, and how her journey of motherhood forever changes her identity. She is unapologetically herself and brings delightful humor to even the darkest moments of her life. This show is just what the world needs - love, compassion, humanness, and of course, laughter.

Adults Only
60 minutes
Comedy, Solo Performance, Storytelling, BIPOC
Old Stem Ciders
2811 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

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Tiana Song (she/her) is an actor, writer, and stunt performer. Tiana has two superpowers: teaching and storytelling. She recently started dabbling in comedy as an outlet for her own creative process. That creative dabbling turned into an endeavor of writing her own solo comedy show to give voice and light to her life experiences. Tiana is a former high school teacher who was challenged by her students to pursue her dreams of performing on-camera. She never turns down a life challenge by her students, and pursued acting full-time in 2019. She has been acting in commercials, indie films, and theatre ever since! Tiana lives by the motto, "be brave enough to suck at something new!" 

Tiana has amazing storytelling abilities that had me laughing all night! I loved that it was a family friendly show and got an insight into what it was like growing up as an Asian American. Highly recommend and would definitely see Tiana perform again!
This show was an honest and hilarious assessment of motherhood in today’s day and age. 5 stars, would definitely watch it again!
Tiana’s show was so refreshing with how grounded and personal everything felt! It’s so great to see her perform. Her impressions were great and she kept me engaged the whole time. The way she talks also feels so conversational rather than just announcing a pre-written punchline. I loved it!
Tiana has a gift for weaving separate events and stories together, bringing them to life in meaningful ways. Her show is comedic and poignant at once, and she had us all laughing and crying as she shared a unique perspective on life that is also deeply relatable. We had a great time!
Absolutely hysterical! Tiana has such a fun way of interacting with the audience, sharing engaging stories, and of course bringing the comedy! A MUST WATCH for sure!!
Hilarious and honest look at being a parent, even when it isn’t awesome, unlearning parenting from your own childhood and giving everyone a little grace for the journey they are on. We laughed, we cried, we laughed a lot more.
Tiana took us all to school tonight
Tiana Song’s one woman show is a laugh riot from beginning to end. Whether she’s skewering racial stereotypes, sending up the joys of motherhood, or recounting childhood anecdotes about her black belt father and what can only be termed as an unusual parenting style, Ms. Song never fails to hit her mark. It’s the kind of humor I most admire and is difficult to carry off: the deeply funny, paired with a gut punch. Ms. Song handles it all with ease.
Tiana breaks down stereotypes and racism in a hilarious and heartfelt way. She talks honestly about her life and the way others have treated her, and her handling of them with humor is inspiring. Her show will make you think twice about making assumptions. It was a delight to experience.
A STAR IS BORN! Tiana Song's genuinely funny and touching show reveals a former teacher coming out of hiding. After pouring so much of herself into others, she is now shining the light on herself, and boy! is she entertaining and insightful and yeah, we all need this show. Can't wait for the inevitable sitcom to be made starring her from these stories.
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2811 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

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